1305 Jenny St. @ Gilmer Rd. Longview, Tx. 75604          (903) 758-6976    (903) 714-6861               PASTOR: KENNETH ANTLEY

                                                                                                                                                 ASSOCIATE PASTOR: LEON GREGORY

New Horizon Church of God


Bible Reading for September 17-23, 2017:

Sunday          Ezekiel 42-44, Revelation 22

Monday         Ezekiel 45-46, Luke 1

Tuesday         Ezekiel 47-48, Luke 2

Wednesday   Daniel 5-6, Psalm 130, Luke 3

Thursday       Daniel 7-8, Psalm 137, Luke 4

Friday             Daniel 9-10,  Psalm 123, Luke 5

Saturday        Daniel 11-12, Luke 6

Please pray for these special requests

during your prayer time!


Cindy (Bro Gibson’s nurse), Jennifer Philips and Family, Barbara Drago, Gene Hill, Greg Stovall, Bro. Ford, Steve Marberry,

Downings Plus Ministry, Charlotte (Rudd's), Bro. Leon, Charles & Joyce Haney, David & Linda Taylor, Bill Rice, Brandon Cheatum,

Dennis Clark, Steve Clark Family, Dan & Stacy Ross, Tricia Vestal, Gail Waller, Becky Stroner, Becky Mitchum, Rozy Wyatt, Pam Collier,

Rocky & Billie Welch family, Becky Henley, Alleen Zurn, Bob Zurn, Mike & Cally Eans, Jeff & Trina, Carrie May, Wanda Turner,

Benny & Patsy Gibson,  Nellie Lawson, Bebe & Ollie Hargrove, Wayne Harris, Peggy Morris, Robert & Wanda Garrett, Don Hyde, Gayle Temple,

Wanda Gass, Shirley Fields, Sandra Andrews, The Church/Revival, Helen Rosenbaum, Decie Clark,Billy Freeman, Lovelene Taft,

Mike Robinson, Terry DeYoung, Glen DeYoung.

Prayer, the HEARTBEAT of the church. We are asking everyone that will participate to pray daily for The Lord's will, for you and your family, for the people who need The Lord, and for the church. We would like 100% plus participation.
We have began our Sunday School adventure with "The Story." We invite you to come and study with us in this wonderful telling of  Getting To The Heart Of God's Story.